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Election Contests and Ballot Measures
Directory of Election Contests and Ballot Measures
November 6, 2012 Louisiana General Election
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WARNING: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election. Likewise, some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.
Only federal and state office contests and ballot measures are presented. Hopefully, with your financial support we will be able to cover all county, local and judicial contests in future elections.
U.S. President & Vice President
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* Barack Obama - D

P.O. Box 803638

Chicago, IL 60680



* Joe Biden - D

P.O. Box 438

Wilmington, DE 19899



P.O. Box 149756

Boston, MA 02114

(857) 288-6400


700 Saint Lawrence Ave

Janesville, WI 53545

(608) 754-8099


22 Kendall Road

Lexington, MA 02421



17 Trotting Horse Drive

Lexington, MA 02421


850 C. Camino Chamisa

Santa Fe, NM 87501



P.O. Box 2440

Costa Mesa, CA 92628

(888) 583-4354


90 East Church Street

Rocky Mount, VA 24151



PO Box 403

Mount Joy, PA 17552



418 Douglas St.

Salt Lake City UT 84102


716 Orange Grove Ave.

San Fernando CA 91340

3024 KENWOOD AVENUE Apt-Unit 3

Los Angeles, CA 90007

2229 W. 23rd Pl.

Chicago IL 60608

P. O. Box 1366

Blairsville GA 30514


no address

P.O. Box 26451

Washington, DC 20001

no address

17580 Avilla Blvd.

Lathrup Village MI 48076

5646 Bryant St.

Pittsburgh PA 15206

82 Grove Ln.

Fredericksburg VA 22406

5426 Cedar Creek Dr.

McCalla AL 35022

Louisiana U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Representative 1st Congressional District
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5537 Canal Blvd

New Orleans LA 70124


38818 Drott Ln

Ponchatoula LA 70454

(504) 913-3971

Steve Scalise - R

P. O. Box 23219

Jefferson LA 70183



131 E. 127th St

Galliano LA 70354


1260 E. Pine St.

Ponchatoula LA 70454



U.S. Representative 2nd Congressional District
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P. O. Box 167

Donaldsonville LA 70346


23008 Chef Menteur Hwy. 90

New Orleans LA 70129


P. O. Box 791410

New Orleans LA 70179


* Cedric Richmond - D

7160 Thornley Dr.

New Orleans LA 70126



1816 Amelia St

New Orleans LA 70115


U.S. Representative 3rd Congressional District
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3725 Cobblestone Dr

Lake Charles LA 70605



P. O. Box 80126

Lafayette LA 70598



P. O. Box 13816

New Iberia LA 70562



701 Government Street

Baton Rouge, LA, 70802

(225) 336-4155


4265 Sweet Bay Dr.

Lake Charles LA 70611



U.S. Representative 4th Congressional District
Compare the candidates
* John Fleming - R

P. O. Box 1236

Minden LA 71058



10022 Winding Ridge Dr

Shreveport LA 71106


U.S. Representative 5th Congressional District
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* Rodney Alexander - R

806 N. Trenton St

Ruston LA 71270



P. O. Box 1281

Opelousas LA 70571

(225) 456-5658

450 Browns Creek Rd.

Boyce LA 71409


U.S. Representative 6th Congressional District
Compare the candidates

P. O. Box 80505

Baton Rouge LA 70898



704 S. Foster

Baton Rouge, LA 70806



4170 Jefferson Woods Dr

Baton Rouge LA 70809


Referendums and Ballot Measures
Proposed Amendment No. 1
Do you support an amendment to prohibit monies in the Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly from being used or appropriated for other purposes when adjustments are made to eliminate a state deficit? (Adds Article VII, Section 10(F)(4)(g))
Proposed Amendment No. 2
Do you support an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Louisiana to provide that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right and any restriction of that right requires the highest standard of review by a court? (Amends Article I, Section 11)
Proposed Amendment No. 3
Do you support an amendment to require legislation effecting any change to laws concerning retirement systems for public employees that is to be prefiled to be filed no later than forty-five days before the start of a regular legislative session and to require the completion of public notice
requirements regarding legislation effecting such a change no later than sixty days before introduction of the bill? (Amends Article III, Section 2(A)(2), Article X, Section 29(C), and Article XIII, Section 1(A))
Proposed Amendment No. 4
Do you support an amendment to exempt from ad valorem taxation, in addition to the homestead exemption, the next seventy-five thousand dollars of value of property owned and occupied by the spouse of a deceased veteran with a service-connected disability rating of one hundred percent who passed away prior to the enactment of the exemption? (Effective January 1, 2013)(Amends Article VII, Section 21(K)(1))
Proposed Amendment No. 5
Do you support an amendment to provide for the forfeiture of public retirement benefits by any public servant who is convicted of a felony associated with and committed during his public service? (Adds Article X, Section 29(G))
Proposed Amendment No. 6
Do you support an amendment to authorize the granting of ad valorem tax exemption contracts by the city of New Iberia for property annexed by the city after January 1, 2013? (Adds Article VII, Section 21(L))
Proposed Amendment No. 7
Do you support an amendment, relative to the membership of constitutional boards and commissions that have members who are selected from congressional districts, to retain the existing number of members and to provide for implementation of membership from reapportioned congressional
districts by filling vacancies first from under-represented districts and then from the state at large? (Amends Article VIII, Sections 5(B)(1), 6(B)(1), and 7(B)(1) and Article X, Sections 3(A) and 43(A); Adds Article VIII, Section 8(D))
Proposed Amendment No. 8
Do you support an amendment to authorize the granting of ad valorem tax exemption contracts by the Board of Commerce and Industry for businesses located in parishes which have chosen to participate in a program established for the granting of such contracts? (Effective January 1, 2013) (Adds Article VII, Section 21(L))
Proposed Amendment No. 9
Do you support an amendment to provide that no law relative to the creation of a special district, the primary purpose of which includes aiding in crime prevention and security by providing for an increased presence of law enforcement personnel in the district or otherwise promoting and
encouraging security in the district, shall be enacted unless three separate notices of the proposed law are published at least thirty days prior to introduction of the bill, which notice shall set forth the substance of the proposed law and whether the governing authority of the special district would be authorized to impose and collect a parcel fee within the district, whether the parcel fee will be imposed or may be increased without an election, and the maximum amount of such fee? (Amends Article III, Section 13)
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